RCA BLD548 TV DVD Combo User Manual

Using the DVD’s Menu System
Chapter 3 39
16:9WS (Wide Screen): Select this mode when connecting
to a widescreen TV. A wide screen picture is displayed full size.
Rating Menu
The RATING menu lets you control the types of DVDs that your family
watches. You decide which ratings require a password and which
ones dont. The system ranks the ratings 1 through 8 in order to
accommodate rating systems used in other countries. The three
options of the RATING menu are: RATING LEVEL, CHANGE
PASSWORD, and CANCEL PASSWORD. Use the same method for
moving through the menus as you did for the O.S.D. language.
RATING LEVEL: Select the rating level that you want your family
to watch. LEVEL 1 (family) is considered least offensive and
LEVEL 8 (adult) is most offensive.
CHANGE PASSWORD: Select this option if you want to change
your password.
CANCEL PASSWORD: Select this option if you want to cancel
your password.
Notes: Make sure you remember your password (you might want to
write down the number). The rating level is locked and cannot be
changed unless you enter the correct password
If you forget your password, place remote in DVD mode by pressing the
DVD button. Then press ENTER, TUNE, and TUNE+ to reset password.
display disappears after a few seconds and the screen goes blank. Press
TV then DVD on the remote to return to DVD mode.
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