RCA BLD548 TV DVD Combo User Manual

Using the DVD’s Menu System
36 Chapter 3
The DVDs Menu System
The DVDs menu system is not the same as the disc contents menu. Some discs have their own
menu system related to the information of the movie. The disc contents menu system was
discussed earlier in Chapter 2.
The DVDs menu system lets you select different features for the disc. A disc must be in the stop
mode before you can bring up the DVDs Menu System. Press DVD MENU on the remote to bring
up the menu system. There are three features in the DVDs menu: Language, Video, and Rating.
Moving through the Menus
The left/right/up/down arrows and ENTER button are used to navigate through the DVDs menu
system. Step-by-step instructions are explained for the O.S.D language menu and then you can use
the same method to access other features in the menu. The buttons you use to move through the
menu system are displayed at the bottom of the menu.
Setting the O.S.D. Language
1. Press DVD MENU on the remote to display the DVDs menu with
the disc in the stop mode.