Sanyo DRW-500 DVD Recorder User Manual

Handling, Storing and Cleaning Discs
Fingerprints and dust should be carefully wiped from the
signal surface of the disc (glossy side) with a soft cloth.
Wipe in a straight motion from the center to the outside of
the disc.
Never use chemicals such as record cleaning sprays,
antistatic sprays or fluids, benzene or thinner to clean the
discs. These chemicals will permanently damage the plastic
surface of the disc.
To remove a disc from its storage case, press down on the
center of the case and lift the disc out, holding it carefully by
the edges.
Discs should be returned to their cases after use to protect
them from dust and scratches.
To prevent warping the disc, do not expose it to direct
sunlight, high humidity or high temperatures for extended
periods of time.
Do not apply paper or write anything on either side of the
disc. Sharp writing instruments, or the inks used in some
felt-tip pens, may damage the surfaces of the disc.
Region Number (DVD-Video disc only)
Region number (Regional restriction code) is built-in to the unit
and DVD-Video discs.
Region number “1” or “ALL” of DVD-Video discs can be used on
this unit.
DVD-Video Disc
DVD-Video discs are divided into titles, and the titles are sub-
divided into chapters.
Title 1
Chapter 1 Chapter 2
Title 2
Chapter 1
Chapter 2 Chapter 3
There are the marks on some DVD-Video disc package.
Multiple languages
Multi-language subtitles
Region number
Closed caption
Audio CD Disc
Audio CD discs are divided into tracks.
Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4 Track 5
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