GE DVMRe DVD VCR Combo User Manual

0150-0193F 19 Kalatel DVMRe Triplex
2.3 Live Viewing
Multiscreen Display
In Live Multiscreen mode, press one of the Multiscreen buttons to activate
the multiscreen display on Monitor-A or Monitor-B. Live Multiscreens are
displayed with gray borders. For detailed information about Multiscreen
displays, see section 2.6.
Multiscreen Buttons
Multiscreen Display With Sequencing
If a multiscreen display does not include all of the cameras, the remaining
cameras can be sequenced in the bottom right cameo. While in a multiscreen
display, press the Sequence button to begin sequencing. For detailed
information about sequencing, see section 2.8.
Sequence Button
Full Screen Display
Select any camera for Full Screen display by pressing the Number button of
the desired camera. Pressing the Camera number button again displays the
Status Display Box. Pressing the same button a third time displays any
associated ATM or cash register ASCII text, see section 2.9.
Number Button
Sequenced Full Screen Display
While in a Full Screen display, press the Sequence button to begin full
screen sequencing. The sequence list and dwell times are programmable.
For detailed information about programming the sequence list see section
2.8. For detailed information about configuring the dwell times in the menu
system, see section 0.
Sequence Button
To activate the 2x digital zoom, select the full screen display of the camera
you wish to zoom, then press the Zoom button. Zooming will be indicated by
the LED located directly above the Zoom button. Zooming is also indicated
as ZOOM on the primary monitor. Zooming works with frozen and non-frozen
images. Zoomed images can also be frozen.
While Zoomed, rotate the Jog/Shuttle to Pan and Tilt across the image.
Please note, the camera does not move during digital Pan/Tilt.
Press the Zoom button again to cancel the Zoom operations.
Zoom Button
with LED
If the Zoom button is pressed while in a multiscreen display, the camera from the last active
cameo is selected for full screen display. Press the Zoom button again to activate the Zoom
Pressing the Freeze button freezes all camera images on-screen. Full
Screen freezing is indicated as FRZ on-screen. Multiscreen freezing is
indicated as
(a flashing asterisk) in each frozen cameo.
Individual cameos can be frozen in Active Cameo mode (see section 2.7).
Press the Freeze button again or any camera button to cancel Freeze
Freeze Button