GE DVMRe DVD VCR Combo User Manual

0150-0193F 56 Kalatel DVMRe Triplex
q Main Menu Archive Setup Background Archive
Background Archive: Commands the unit to record data to both the
hard disk and the archive device simultaneously.
Select from the following items.
OFF: Turns background archiving Off.
ON: Turns background archiving On.
q Main Menu Archive Setup Erase Archive Medium
Use this feature to erase all of the recorded data on an
archive device.
With Erase Archive Medium highlighted, press the Enter
button. If a compatible archive device is connected, a
confirmation box will appear, otherwise no action will occur.
q Main Menu Archive Setup QuickWave Setup
This feature provides the option of having the QuickWave software
written to any CDs that are created. This allows the CD to be read
on any PC without installing software. Select ON to enable, OFF to
3.16 Audio Setup
Use this menu to enable or disable the audio feature of the Triplex. Select
Audio Limitations:
1. To record audio at least one the unit’s video inputs must be set to record video at a rate of 1pps
or faster.
2. If all the cameras are set to EVENT mode and no events are occurring, no audio will be recorded
regardless of the event recording speed.
3.17 Communications
Use this menu to:
Configure the baud rates and settings for the RS232 ports.
Configure the network address for the RS485 network.
Configure the Ethernet address and networks settings.
q Main Menu Communications RS232
Select the Port you wish to configure and press the ENTER button.
Erase all Records. Are you sure?
Port 2
Port 1
QuickWave CD Write: ON
QuickWave Setup