GE DVMRe DVD VCR Combo User Manual

0150-0193F 30 Kalatel DVMRe Triplex
3 Menu System Overview
3.1 Menu Notation In This Manual
In the following sections, there are headings like this:
q Main Menu Time/Date Set Time
Meaning: From the Main Menu, select Time/Date, then press the Enter button. The Time/Date menu
will appear. From the Time/Date menu, select Set Time, then press the Enter button. A pop-up or
pull-down menu will appear.
Selected Items
Items selected in the menu system are represented in the manual as follows:
Selected Not Selected
Time/Date Time/Date
3.2 Accessing The Menu System
Enter the menu system by pressing the Menu button. A Password Box will appear
on the primary monitor. Enter either the:
Operator Password: Providing limited access to the menu system. Only the
Operator and System View menus are available.
Menu Button
Installer Password: Providing complete menu access.
Use the Number buttons to enter the appropriate password.
Default passwords are provided in the beginning of this manual, in section 1.
3.3 Available Menus
Main QuickInstall
Motion Detection
Camera Setup
Archive Setup
Audio Setup
Front Panel Lock
Factory Settings
Change the time
Change the date
Edit Camera Titles
Camera Disable
Record Quality
Installer Password
Auto Disable Now
Time/Date Display
Titles Display
Alarm History
Archive Setup
Operator Password
About DVMR
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