GE DVMRe DVD VCR Combo User Manual

0150-0193F 87 Kalatel DVMRe Triplex
11.2 Warranty and Return Information
GE-Interlogix warrants all of its equipment for three years from the date of purchase. This warranty covers
any defects in materials and workmanship. Equipment failures that are due to improper installation,
modification, abuse, or acts of nature will not be covered by this warranty. The repair department will
evaluate all equipment returned for repair to determine warranty coverage. The Tech Support Manager
will resolve any questions that may arise during evaluation to make a final determination.
Note: The three-year warranty does not apply to the following products:
and the monitor CRT, which carry a 12-month warranty from the date of purchase.
The warranty specifically covers any defects in material and workmanship and does not cover equipment
that has been abused, damaged, or modified.
For all warranty repairs, GE-Interlogix will cover all costs, including parts, labor, and shipping. Repaired
equipment will be returned via the same method of shipment in which it was received. If a customer
requests a faster return shipment, the difference will be charged.
For all non-warranty repairs, the customer will be billed for parts, labor, and shipping. Labor will be
billed in half-hour increments.
Note: Customers requesting an estimate prior to repair will be notified by phone. If they cannot be reached, they will be notified by
fax. If we are unable to reach the contact person for repair authorization after one phone attempt and two fax attempts, the
equipment will be returned without being repaired. We will hold equipment no longer than two weeks.
Advance Replacement Policy
When an advance replacement is required, we will send the customer replacement equipment from our
stock and receive the returned product in exchange. The received equipment will be evaluated and the
repair department will determine whether it is a warranty replacement. If it is non-warranty, see our repair
policy above for details. The following guidelines will be used for all advance replacements:
Fewer than 45 days from purchase, GE-Interlogix will replace the product with new equipment.
From 45 days to 1 year from purchase, GE-Interlogix will replace the product with refurbished
From 1 year to 3 years from purchase, the product must be sent in for repair. Advance
replacements will be sent for a fee of $100.
If you have questions about this policy, please contact GE-Interlogix Kalatel Division’s RMA Department
at 800-469-1676.