GE DVMRe DVD VCR Combo User Manual

0150-0193F 44 Kalatel DVMRe Triplex
q Main Menu Alarms Link To A Macro
Use this menu to link an alarm input to a macro. If a link is created,
a macro will run each time that alarm is activated.
Alarm: Select the alarm input you would like to link.
Macro: Select the macro number you wish to link to. Leave this
setting blank if you do not wish to link to a macro.
Rotate the Jog to navigate, and the Shuttle to change
the values.
Save changes and exit the menu: Select [OK], then press the
Enter button.
Exit the menu without making changes: Press the Menu
button, or select [CANCEL], then press the Enter button.
q Main Menu Alarms Fullscreen Alarm
Selecting Yes from this menu will cause the unit to always display
the alarm camera fullscreen.
Selecting No from this menu will cause the unit to display the 4-way
display configured in the Main Menu Alarms Alarm Action
Setup menu.
This menu selection is not available on 4-channel DVMRe Triplex units, since Fullscreen Alarm Mode is
the only alarm mode available.
q Main Menu Alarms Relay Configuration
Use this menu to configure each relay output as either:
Normally Open
Normally Closed
q Main Menu Alarms Buzzer Setup
Use this menu to configure the internal buzzer.
Global Buzzer: The Global Buzzer setting acts as a master On/Off
switch. Setting the Global Buzzer to OFF deactivates all buzzer
Live Alarm Buzzer: Activates while receiving alarm input.
Videoloss Buzzer: Activates when video loss is detected.
Disabling the Videoloss buzzer disables all videoloss buzzer activity.
Videoloss buzzers may be disabled on a per camera basis in the
Alarms Videoloss Action menu.
Playback Buzzer: Activates during playback of recorded alarms.
Fullscreen Alarm
Relay Configuration
Relay 01:
Relay 02: N/CLOSED
Buzzer Setup
Global Buzzer :
Live Alarm Buzzer: ON
Videoloss Buzzer : ON
Playback Buzzer : ON