GE DVMRe DVD VCR Combo User Manual

0150-0193F 26 Kalatel DVMRe Triplex
Conditional Indicators
Condition Full Screen Indicator Multiscreen Indicator
ALM A in cameo of camera in alarm
Autolist™ Program
(Asterisk) in frozen cameo
Macro Record mode
F followed by macro number F followed by macro number
Motion Detection
M M in cameo w/ motion detection
VDL V in cameo with videoloss
Status Display Box
A Status Display Box can be viewed by pressing the Camera Number button twice. Status Indicators
On Live Fullscreen:
Archive Status: Not Connected, Not Ready, Ready, Ejecting, Play, and timeleft. Timeleft
indicates the amount of time before the archive medium is full (Only available if the unit has
Background Archiving turned On).
Network: Displays all current Network connections. Normal connection is displayed as ip.ip or ---
if there is no connection. Live connections are displayed as E1: ip.ip, E2: ip.ip, etc. (where ip.ip
represents the last 2 bytes of the IP Address). POTS connection is displayed as IP 1.1.
On Playback Fullscreen:
All the above, including Image Quality Setting: High, Medium, Standard.
ATM/POS Text Display
Pressing the Camera Number a third time displays an ATM/POS text display. This feature can be
used during live viewing mode to verify that the DVMRe Triplex is receiving ATM/POS text, or in
Playback mode to review recorded text and video.
2.10 Triplex Mode
Triplex mode allows the display of both live and playback images to appear on Monitor A
simultaneously. Live images have gray borders, while playback images have black borders.
To enter Triplex mode, press the Play Forward button while in Play Forward mode. Alternatively, press
the Play Reverse button while in Play Reverse mode. Both the Play Forward LED and the Stop LED
turn on to indicate that the unit is in Triplex mode.
Monitor B always switches to a fullscreen live display whenever Triplex mode is entered.
Play Forward
When in Play Forward mode and the Play Forward button is pressed, the unit will
enter the Triplex mode of operation. When Play Forward is pressed again, the
unit will revert back into the normal Playback mode. While in the Triplex mode, if
reverse play is in progress, the Play Forward button will change the playback
Play Forward