GE DVMRe DVD VCR Combo User Manual

0150-0193F 49 Kalatel DVMRe Triplex
q Main Menu Macro Edit Submacro
A submacro is an RS232 command string that is used to control a peripheral device. Submacros are
activated during macros. See the table above for information about programming a macro to activate
a submacro.
Select the submacro you wish to edit from the menu system. This menu will appear.
Edit Submacro 01
ENTER key starts Submacro edit
080 066 066 010 --- --- --- --- --- ---
[P] [B] [B] [0]
Use this menu to create the RS232 command string. Press the Enter button to Enter and Exit the
submacro edit mode. Rotate the Jog/Shuttle to navigate among the fields and change the values.
Each byte value can be set from 0 to 255.
Running A Macro
A macro is a recorded sequence of up to 32 keystrokes. To activate a
macro, press the Function button followed by the Number button of the
desired macro. While running, the macro is indicated on-screen as the letter
F and the macro number.
The user can cancel the macro at any time by pressing the Function button.
Function and
Number Buttons
Daylight Savings Time (Alternate Method)
To adjust the time one hour for daylight savings time, press the Function
button, then the Sequence button. If this function is activated during April,
one hour is added to the time. If this function is activated in October, one
hour is subtracted from the time. This function will only operate once per
time period.
Function and
Sequence Buttons
3.13 Motion Detection
Use this menu to:
Enable motion detection on a per camera basis.
Activate individual zones in a scene to respond to motion
Activate the on-screen motion detection indicator.
Set motion detection as Activity detection or Intrusion Detection.
Configure the motion detection parameters on a per camera basis.
Setup Parameters
Setup Active Zones
Indicate Detection
Enable/Disable Detection