GE DVMRe DVD VCR Combo User Manual

0150-0193F 45 Kalatel DVMRe Triplex
q Main Menu Alarms Videoloss Action
Use this menu to configure how the unit responds to videoloss.
Camera: Select the camera you wish to configure.
Relay 1: If enabled, the unit will activate Relay 1 when videoloss
is detected.
Relay 2: If enabled, the unit will activate Relay 2 when videoloss is
Buzzer: Use this setting to disable the videoloss buzzer activation
on a per camera basis. To disable videoloss buzzer activation on
all cameras go to the Main Menu Alarms Buzzer Setup menu,
described in the previous section.
q Main Menu Alarms Pre Alarm Duration
During recording, the unit stores up to 5 seconds of recorded
information in a buffer. This data can be automatically retrieved when
an alarm is activated. Select the amount of time just previous to the
activation of an alarm you wish to retrieve.
q Main Menu Alarms Notification
Use this menu to select:
Email Alarm Notification.
TCP/IP Notification.
Email Notification Setup
This screen allows the user to setup the types of events to be notified of, and the email addresses (up
to two) to be notified. Follow the context sensitive on-screen instructions to setup the individual fields.
Also, please note that the Region/Time Zone setting must be set correctly for Email notification to time
stamp messages accurately.
Videoloss Action
Camera :
Relay 1: Disable
Relay 2: Enable
Buzzer : Enable
Pre Alarm Duration
(Time in Seconds)