GE DVMRe DVD VCR Combo User Manual

0150-0193F 24 Kalatel DVMRe Triplex
Selecting Cameras
Display any camera in the active cameo by pressing the Number button of
the desired camera. Once a camera has been selected, the active cameo
advances to the next cameo on the right.
Number Button
The camera selection only changes the multiscreen currently being displayed. Each multiscreen must
be configured separately. Changes to the multiscreen display are saved in non-volatile memory, and
will be retained even if power is removed from the unit.
Press the Freeze button to freeze the image in the selected cameo. Each
frozen cameo is indicated as
(a flashing asterisk) on-screen.
Press the Freeze button again to cancel Freeze operations.
Freeze Button
2.8 Sequencing
The sequencing feature allows a camera to be displayed briefly on-screen,
before advancing to the next camera in the sequence list. The default
sequence list displays each camera in numerical order.
Sequence Button
Dwell Time
The dwell time is the amount of time each camera is displayed on-screen before advancing to the next
camera. The Full Screen and Multiscreen Dwell Times are separately programmable in the menu
system. For detailed information about configuring the dwell times in the menu system, see section 0.
Autolist™ Custom Sequence List
The Autolist™ feature allows the user to create a custom sequence list, controlling the order the
cameras are displayed and the dwell time. Separate Autolists may be created for Monitor A (Live and
Playback mode) and Monitor B (Live mode). Using the Monitor button, select the monitor to be
programmed. Then, using a Number button, select any camera for full screen display.
The unit must be in Full Screen Display mode before starting to create the sequence list.
This initial camera is not part the sequence list.
To begin recording the Autolist™ sequence: Press the Alarm button and
Sequence button simultaneously. Autolist Program mode is indicated as
PGM on-screen.
Recording starts when the first camera number is pressed. Press the camera
numbers in the order you wish them to appear on-screen. The amount of
time between button presses determines the Dwell Time. During sequence
list programming, pressing any button other than a Number button or the
Sequence button voids the sequence list.
Alarm Button and
Sequence Button
To end the recording: Press the Sequence button. The amount of time between pressing the last
Number button and the Sequence button determines the dwell time for the final camera in the
sequence list.
Returning To The Default Sequence List
The default sequence list is all cameras in numeric order with a three second dwell time.