GE DVMRe DVD VCR Combo User Manual

0150-0193F 54 Kalatel DVMRe Triplex
Main Menu Camera Setup Camera Disable
Use this menu to:
Enable or Disable cameras individually
Configure the unit to disable cameras automatically at power-up
if video loss is detected.
Automatically disable all inputs detecting videoloss.
Individual Disable
Use this menu to Disable or Enable each camera input
Use the Jog to navigate and the Shuttle to change the values.
Save changes and exit the menu: Select [OK], then press
the Enter button.
Exit the menu without making changes: Press the Menu
button, or select [CANCEL], then press the Enter button.
Power Up Disable
With this feature turned On (Enabled), the unit will automatically detect
which inputs are experiencing videoloss at power-up, and
disable them.
Rotate the Jog to navigate and the Shuttle to change the values.
Auto Disable Now
This feature detects which inputs have video signals and which are experiencing videoloss. When this
feature is activated, the unit will automatically disable the inputs experiencing videoloss. The DVMRe
Triplex will also re-enable video inputs that were previously disabled if a video input signal is detected.
q Main Menu Camera Setup Covert Camera
This feature removes cameras from all live displays while continuing
to record them, so that the users and the public are unaware that the
camera is being recorded. Covert cameras are viewable during playback.
Select Yes in this menu to configure a camera as covert.
Rotate the Jog to navigate and Shuttle to change the values.
Power Up Disable
Auto Disable Now
Individual Disable
Camera Disable
Camera 01:
Camera 02: Enable
Camera 03: Disable
Camera 04: Enable
Camera 16: Enable
Power Up Disable
Covert Camera
Camera 01:
Camera 02: YES
Camera 03: NO
Camera 04: NO
Camera 16: NO