GE DVMRe DVD VCR Combo User Manual

0150-0193F 52 Kalatel DVMRe Triplex
Pressing the Function button will bring up the Help screen shown on the next page. This screen will
overlay the current video image.
‘MENU’ : Exit Activity Setup
‘ENTER’: Save and Exit Activity Setup
‘PAUSE’: Toggle between Enable and Neutral
‘STOP’ : Toggle between Disable and Neutral
‘ZOOM’ : Disable/Enable all zones
‘PLAY FORWARD’: Increase the Sensitivity level
“PLAY REVERSE’: Decrease the Sensitivity level
Sensitivity Scope
Use the sensitivity scope to adjust the motion detection sensitivity for the scene. The
sensitivity scope is the bar located near the left-hand corner of the screen.
The black bar raises and lowers to indicate the degree of motion detected. When the
black bar reaches the red bar, a motion detection alarm is activated.
Adjusting Motion Detection Sensitivity: Raise and lower the red bar to change the
motion detection sensitivity. Use the Play Forward button to increase the sensitivity level
and the Play Reverse button to decrease the sensitivity level. The sensitivity level is also
displayed as a numeric value.
Play Forward to increase the Sensitivity
Play Reverse to decrease the Sensitivity
q Main Menu Motion Detection Indicate Detection
Motion Detection may be indicated on-screen by displaying the letter M.
Use this menu to turn this feature On or Off.
3.14 Camera Setup
Use this menu to:
Edit the title for each camera.
Adjust the Automatic Gain Control.
Disable or Enable camera inputs.
Specify cameras as covert (recorded but not displayed).
View the Camera Scope (Histogram)
q Main Menu Camera Setup Camera Titles
Use this menu to:
Specify if the camera titles will be displayed on the monitors.
Edit the title for each camera.
Indicate Detection
Edit Titles
Titles Display
Camera Titles
Camera AGC
Camera Disable
Covert Camera
Camera Scope