GE DVMRe DVD VCR Combo User Manual

0150-0193F 37 Kalatel DVMRe Triplex
About Events: An Event is an action that the unit acknowledges by recording at the
Event Record Rate, yet it is not cause for an Alarm. Events may be created two ways,
via RS232 text insertion and Activity detection.
Example of an Event: A camera is pointed at the front door inside the lobby during
business hours. With the Event Camera Settings Type set to Event, the unit does not
record while the doorway is empty. When activity motion detection senses that
someone is entering or leaving the doorway, the unit begins recording at the Event
Record Rate and stops recording when the motion ceases.
RS232 Event: See section 9 for information about generating an Event via RS232, and
optionally inserting ASCII text to mark the Event.
Activity Detection Event: See Setup Parameters in section 3.13 for detailed
information about configuring activity detection as an event in the menu system.
Pre Event Duration: The unit will record up to 5 seconds of data ahead of the event trigger, at the
Event Record Rate. Select from 0 to 5 seconds.
Post Event Duration: The unit will record up to 250 seconds after the completion of the Event, at the
Event Record Rate. Select from 0 to 250 seconds.
Event Associated Cameras: Enter up to three camera numbers to be associated with this event.
q Main Menu Record Timelapse Record Rate
The unit records at the Timelapse Record Rate under normal conditions, when there are no alarms,
events, or activity present. Record rates are measured in both Pictures Per Second (pps) and Seconds
Per Picture (spp).
The maximum record rate per camera is inversely proportional to the number of cameras connected to
the unit. The fewer cameras connected, the higher the maximum record rate for each camera, and vice
versa. The maximum record rate for multiple cameras is 48pps (NTSC)(40pps PAL). The maximum
record rate for a single camera is 30pps (NTSC)(25pps PAL).
The bottom right corner of the menu contains a record duration calculator. The top line indicates the
estimated recording time for the unit in Time-lapse record mode only. The bottom line indicates the
estimated recording time, taking into consideration the amount of time the unit will spend in Activity,
Event, and/or Alarm record mode.
Timelapse Record Rate
Camera 1 :
Camera 2 : 0.29 pps 3.5 spp
Camera 3 : 0.34 pps 2.9 spp
Camera 4 : 0.57 pps 1.8 spp
Camera 15 : 0.40 pps 2.5 spp
Camera 16 : 0.40 pps 2.5 spp
0.40 pps 2.5 spp
8 days 5 h (TL)
8 days 5 h (Total)
1. Rotate the Jog to navigate, and the Shuttle to change the values.