GE DVMRe DVD VCR Combo User Manual

0150-0193F 7 Kalatel DVMRe Triplex
1 DVMRe Triplex Overview
1.1 Products Featured In This Manual
DVMRe -4CT: Digital Video Multiplexer Recorder, Four-Channel, Color, Triplex.
DVMRe -10CT: Digital Video Multiplexer Recorder, Ten-Channel, Color, Triplex.
DVMRe -16CT: Digital Video Multiplexer Recorder, Sixteen-Channel, Color, Triplex.
Key To Model Numbers
DVMRe 16 C T
1 2 3 4
1. DVMRe: Digital Video Multiplexer Recorder, Ethernet capable.
2. 4, 10, or 16: Maximum number of camera inputs.
3. C: Color.
4. T: Triplex.
1.2 Product Description
The DVMRe Triplex is a video multiplexer capable of recording from multiple cameras to an internal
hard drive while simultaneously providing playback. Unlike outdated time-lapse VCRs, the DVMRe
Triplex records high-resolution pictures. Digital recording improves playback quality over VCRs, and
eliminates the hassle of cleaning heads, changing tapes or servicing motors. The unit can also be
programmed to record continuously by overwriting the oldest recorded data. Depending on the setup,
the DVMRe Triplex can store from a few hours to more than 3 years of color images.
Programmable search features eliminate time consuming Fast Forwarding or Rewinding of tapes,
searching for critical data. Search for recorded images or events by alarm, time, date, motion, video
loss, camera number and ASCII cash register or ATM text.
Caution! This products primary purpose is to furnish video multiplexing and recording.
Although the unit has alarm handling and motion detection functions, they are considered
secondary features. This unit should not be the only alarm device on site.
Multiplexer functionality with built-in digital recording.
Triplex simultaneous recording, playback, and live multiscreen viewing.
Remote programming and control through the RS232, RS485 and Ethernet ports.
View live or recorded images remotely using WaveReader software.
Dual multiscreen monitor displays.
Auto-detect video mode on startup (NTSC or PAL).
Video motion detection (intrusion and activity).
Motion search.
Preview search results with thumbnail images.
Record speed selectable per camera.
Displays include full screen, sequenced, picture-in-picture, and multiscreens.
Alarm Handling with History Log. Pre- and post alarm recording, selectable per camera.
Archive onto Kalatel DVSe
Disk Array, or RAID, DAT, AIT, or CD-Rs.
IEEE 1394 Firewire interface for Kalatel DVSe
Disk Array or Firewire Disk Drives.
Continuous Recording with simultaneous Archiving.
PTZ control via ethernet or POTS, using CBR-KB3/J or KTD-405 keypad.
Covert camera recording (recording without display).