GE DVMRe DVD VCR Combo User Manual

0150-0193F 57 Kalatel DVMRe Triplex
Port 1
Use this menu to:
Enable/Disable POTS and configure the Modem initialization
string (POTS Setup).
Adjust the Baud rate.
POTS Setup
The default modem string (shown below) is for use with Hayes Accura 56k, Diamond Supra Express
56k, and 5686 US Robotics modems in their default conditions. Consult with the modem manual
before attempting to make any changes. It is strongly recommended that the modem initialization
string only be modified by a qualified technician.
POTS Setup
SEQ key selects character bank
‘1’ key inserts blank character
‘2’ key inserts selected character
Modem Init String : AT&F1&K3M0E1Q0V1S0=0&R2&C1&D0&H1
[Default Modem String] [CANCEL] [OK]
1. With the Modem Init String highlighted, press the Enter button to enter the Edit mode. The
character bank will appear in the center of the menu.
2. Press the Sequence button to select the desired character bank.
3. Rotate the Shuttle to navigate the Modem Init String.
4. Rotate the Jog to select a character from the character bank.
5. Use the Number 2 button or rotate the Shuttle to insert the desired character from the character
bank into the Modem Init String and advance to the next character.
6. Use the Number 1 button to insert a blank character.
7. When finished, press the Enter button.
8. To save the changes and reboot, select OK, then press the Enter button. The unit will only reboot
if changes were made to the Modem Init String.
9. To exit the menu without making changes, select Cancel, then press the Enter button. Pressing
the Menu button also exits the menu without making changes.
Baud Rate
POTS Setup