GE DVMRe DVD VCR Combo User Manual

0150-0193F 76 Kalatel DVMRe Triplex
6.2 DVMRe Triplex WaveLink
A new feature with Triplex software version 5.00 is the DVMRe Triplex WaveLink. This feature allows
putting command codes in the URL when calling WaveBrowser to control actions the WaveBrowser is
going to perform.
This feature can be used by Web Developers to link various cameras to specific Web content. It will
also be used by the DVMRe Email feature to allow the recipient of an alarm email to click on a link in
the email, which causes the WaveBrowser to connect and play back at the time when the alarm
The traditional WaveBrowser URL is http://<IP_Address>/wrcontrollite.ssi. This URL will start the
WaveBrowser in the disconnected state. Triplex software version 5.00 supports command codes
placed after an underscore after wrcontrollite and before .ssi. In the following example, the options
are in bold.
The following table specifies the supported options:
Name Code Description Example
Camera c=<n>
Describes either the camera number for
fullscreen (1=Camera 1, …16=Camera
16) or the type of the multiscreen display
(100 = Multiscreen 16 large, 101=
Multiscreen 16 small, 102= Quad
Size s=<n>
For fullscreen camera, describes the
size of the display (1=large, 2 =medium,
3= small)
Action a=<n>
Describes the action the WaveBrowser
has to take:
0 No action
1 Normal Connection Play
2 Normal Connection Live
3 Normal Connection Goto
4 Live Connection
Time t=<n>
When action is set to 3 (Goto), the time
specifies where to go in number of
seconds since 01/01/1960.
Please Note: When an option is not specified, it will be set to 0.
When a normal connection is requested, but the DVMRe unit is already connected via a
normal connection, the WaveBrowser should open a live connection instead.