GE DVMRe DVD VCR Combo User Manual

0150-0193F 64 Kalatel DVMRe Triplex
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Record Mode: No Overwrite, Write Once, or Continuous.
Indicate Detection: On or Off.
Global Buzzer: On or Off.
Live Alarm Buzzer: On or Off.
Video Loss Buzzer: On or Off.
Playback Buzzer: On or Off.
Relay 1: Normally Open or Normally Closed.
Relay 2: Normally Open or Normally Closed.
Alarm Latch: T = Transparent, L = Latched, TO (020) = Timed Out (Time)
Alarm Record Mode: Interleaved, Exclusive, or No Change.
Full Screen Alarm: Yes or No. This feature is not selectable on the 4-Channel units. 4ch = Yes.
Global Alarm Record Rate: In pictures per second (pps). 30 pps
Pre Alarm Duration: In seconds. 001
Archive Alarm: Enable or Disable.
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Auto Disable: On or Off.
Background Archive: On or Off.
Monitor Setup: Single or Dual.
Baud Rate Port 1: 1200,1400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, and 57600.
Baud Rate Port 2: 1200,1400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, and 57600.
Network Address: 001-005. 001
Ethernet: Enable or Disable.
POTS: Enable or Disable.
Language: English, German, or French.
Keyboard Lock: On or Off.
Record Lock: On or Off.
Regional Settings: Off, USA, EUR, and AUS.
Time Zone: GMT+00:00
QuickWave CD Write: On or Off.
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NTP Update Interval: Enable or Disable.
NTP Primary Server: 3. 37. 8. 26
NTP Backup Server: 0. 0. 0. 0
Subnet Mask: 255.255.254. 0
Gateway: 3. 18.172. 1
DHCP: Enable or Disable.
Name Service: WINS or Disable.
Primary Name Server: 3. 18.173. 12
Backup Name Server: 3. 18.173. 13
Print Server: 3. 18.173. 11
TCP MTU Size: Standard, 1200, and 1400.