iCEBOX pmn TV DVD Combo User Manual

Welcome to the iCEBOX!
Countertop - iCEBOX™ Owner’s Manual
1. Welcome to the iCEBOX!
Welcome to iCEBOX™ — the ultimate Information, Communication, and
Entertainment resource. The space-conscious iCEBOX is packed with great features
and designed to fit easily into your lifestyle. From the comfort of your kitchen, surf
the Internet, send e-mail, order groceries, review local traffic and weather
conditions, listen to an audio CD or watch a DVD or video CD, or tune in your
favorite TV show. A video camera connection allows you to check on children
playing in another room or to watch the front door. Switching between modes is as
easy as pressing a button.
The iCEBOX is compact in size but delivers big performance with an ultra sharp,
high resolution monitor, a 125 channel cable-ready TV, Dolby® audio technology,
and two high performance speakers. There’s also a full size, wireless keyboard and
omnidirectional remote control. Both the keyboard and remote control are water
resistant, grease proof, and shock proof.
The iCEBOX also features a built in 56k modem, a printer port, connections for
intercom and electronic locks, and a dual phone line jack that allows your iCEBOX
and your telephone to share a single wall jack.
Figure 1. iCEBOX - Information, Communication, Entertainment