iCEBOX pmn TV DVD Combo User Manual

©iCEBOX, LLC, September 2001
Internet Mode
a new iCEBOX
Before you can go online with your new iCEBOX, you must call a iCEBOX Customer
Care representative at 1-877-463-7637. If you currently have an Internet Service
Provider account and wish to use it, the representative will assist you through the
registration process. If you do not have an Internet Service Provider account, the
representative will help you choose one and establish your account.
To complete the registration process:
1. Complete the registration phone call to iCEBOX Customer Care (1-877-463-
7637) as described above.
2. Make sure your iCEBOX is connected to a phone line with a dial tone. If the
phone line is not connected, please refer to “Connecting the Phone Line”
beginning on page 5.
3. Press
on the remote control or keyboard. The iCEBOX will automatically
connect to the Internet. To complete the registration process, follow the
on-screens instructions.
Figure 20. “Select Internet Service Provider” Screen
Important Internet Service Information
iCEBOX offers a selection of popular Internet Service Providers
including its own Internet portal.
Internet service typically requires a monthly connection fee.
The iCEBOX operating system does not support Internet services that
require additional downloaded or user-installed software.
User Log In
Choose an internet service provider, user
name and password. Your user name
and password will allow you access to
your iCEBOX portal experience.
Please select Internet Service Provider
Internet Service
Provider :
Need help? l Privacy
Please enter your username and password.
Username :
Password :
Password :