iCEBOX pmn TV DVD Combo User Manual

©iCEBOX, LLC, September 2001
DVD Mode
5. DVD Mode
You can use the iCEBOX to play DVDs, video CDs, or listen to audio CDs. The
information provided in this section applies to all three disc formats except where
iCEBOX does not support other CD formats (CD-ROM, for example).
The DVD player may not function properly in temperatures over 35°C (95°F).
To watch a DVD or video CD, or to listen to an audio CD, press the
DVD button on
the remote control or key board. When the unit is off, pressing
DVD will turn on the
power in DVD Mode.
To switch between DVD and another mode such as TV, Monitor or Internet,
press the desired mode button on either the remote control or keyboard.
To turn off the power press the
button on the remote control.
Remote Control:
DVD Functions
The remote control is illustrated below in Figure 16 with descriptions of button
functions in DVD Mode
. Unidentified buttons do not function in DVD Mode.
(Buttons on the right side of the keyboard duplicate remote control functions.) You
may also refer to the separate Remote Control and Keyboard Quick Reference Guide
for more information on the remote control.
Figure 16. Remote Control: DVD/CD Functions
Press to start disc play
Press to back up
or move ahead
Press to stop
Press to pause disc play
Press again to resume
Press to raise or
lower the sound level
disc play
one track
Press to fast forward
Press to mute sound
Press again to restore
enter disc track selections
Press number buttons to
Power on/off
Press to access title
function on DVDs
Press to access DVD
setup menus
Press to return to a
DVD or VCD menu
Press directional
buttons to navigate
on-screen menus.
Press GO to select
a menu item or to
play a disc.
or reverse playback
(Press DVD to resume
normal play)