iCEBOX pmn TV DVD Combo User Manual

Setting Up Your iCEBOX
Countertop - iCEBOX™ Owner’s Manual
Figure 5. Rear Panel - TV/IN and Modem Connectors
Connecting the
Phone Line
Your iCEBOX is equipped with a built-in modem. When properly connected to a
phone line, you can use the iCEBOX to access the Internet and to send and receive
e-mail. Please refer to Section 6 on page 21, for detailed instructions on using your
iCEBOX to access to Internet.
To connect the phone line:
1. Insert one end of the supplied phone cord into the modem connector on the
back panel of the iCEBOX (see Figure 5).
2. Insert the other end into a phone jack with a dial tone.
You may connect your regular phone line and the iCEBOX modem line to the same
wall jack using the phone splitter supplied with your iCEBOX (Figure 6).
To connect your telephone and the iCEBOX modem to the same wall jack:
75 C
Cable/antenna connector
Modem connector
DO NOT connect the iCEBOX to a digital phone line!
Connecting the iCEBOX to a digital phone line will cause
permanent damage to the unit.
Digital phone lines are mainly used in industrial and
commercial settings. Most homes are wired with analog phone
lines. Consult the Appendix of this manual for more
information about digital and analog phone lines. If you aren’t
certain what type of phone line you have, please contact your
phone company.
The phone cord supplied with the iCEBOX is a 26 AWG cord. To
reduce the risk of fire, use only No. 26 AWG or larger
telecommunication line cord.