iCEBOX pmn TV DVD Combo User Manual

©iCEBOX, LLC, September 2001
Setting Up Your iCEBOX
2. Setting Up Your iCEBOX
You’re probably eager to try out your new iCEBOX™, but please take a few minutes
to read through this manual in order to familiarize yourself with all the great
features built in to your iCEBOX.
Setting up the iCEBOX is easy and takes just a few minutes. The Quick Setup
procedure is outlined below. Detailed information on using and customizing
iCEBOX features as well as Internet registration and use are contained in later
sections of this manual.
Quick Setup Begin by locating a stable surface for the iCEBOX with access to a telephone jack.
You can have your iCEBOX ready for action in five easy steps:
Remove all the contents from the shipping container.
Install the batteries in the keyboard and the remote control
Connect the TV cable or antenna
Connect the phone line
Connect to power
Each step is explained in detail on the following pages.
Figure 2. Unpacking the iCEBOX
Accessory box:
Wireless keyboard
Remote control
AC power cord
Modular 2-for-1
telephone splitter
Telephone cord
3 ea. 'AA' batteries
2 ea. 'AAA' batteries
Welcome CD
Registration/gift card
Remote Control
Keyboard Guide
Owner’s Manual