iCEBOX pmn TV DVD Combo User Manual

Internet Mode
Countertop - iCEBOX™ Owner’s Manual
6. Internet Mode
Note: Before using the Internet, a one-time registration is required. Registration
instructions begin on page 22.
After completing registration, to go online, press
NET on the remote control or the
To switch between Internet and another mode such as TV, DVD or Monitor,
press the desired mode button on either the remote control or keyboard.
To turn off the power press the power on/off button on the remote control.
Remote Control:
Internet Functions
The remote control is illustrated below with button functions for Internet Mode.
(Buttons on the right side of the keyboard duplicate remote control functions.)
Unidentified buttons do not function in Internet Mode. You may also refer to the
Remote Control and Keyboard Quick Reference Guide for information about using the
remote control.
Figure 19. Remote Control: Internet Functions
Press to back up
or move ahead
Press to stop a
page from loading
one viewable page
Press to move the
viewable area of a
Press to make the
Internet Menu appear
Press the up/down
or down in a menu
list of links and
Power on/off
Press to be
connected to the
Press to move the
viewable area of a
page up or down
page to the left
or right
options. Press GO
to make a selection
Press to return
to your home page
buttons to move up