iCEBOX pmn TV DVD Combo User Manual

©iCEBOX, LLC, September 2001
TV Mode
4. TV Mode
This section explains how to set up the TV for either cable or antenna reception
and how to edit the list of channels available for viewing by using on-screen
Make sure that the iCEBOX is connected to a TV cable or that the antenna is
installed. See “Connecting the TV Cable or Antenna” beginning on page 4 for
information on installing the cable and the antenna.
To watch TV on the iCEBOX, press the
TV button on the remote control or
keyboard. Pressing
TV will turn on the power in TV Mode.
To switch between TV and another mode, such as Internet or Monitor, press the
desired mode button on either the remote control or keyboard.
To turn off the power press the
ON/OFF button on the remote control.
Remote Control:
TV Functions
The remote control is illustrated below in Figure 13 with descriptions of button
functions in TV Mode
. Unidentified buttons do not function in TV Mode. (Buttons
on the right side of the keyboard duplicate remote control functions.) You may also
refer to the separate Remote Control and Keyboard Guide for more information
about using the remote control.
Figure 13. Remote Control: TV functions
Press to turn on TV
Press to raise or
lower the sound
Press to select
next higher or
lower channel
Press to enter TV
channel numbers
Power on/off
Press to mute sound
Press again to
restore sound
Press to display
on screen menus
(to adjust settings)
Press directional
buttons to navigate
on-screen menus.
Press GO to select
a menu item.
For Options
functions only.