iCEBOX pmn TV DVD Combo User Manual

©iCEBOX, LLC, September 2001
DVD Mode
Use on-screen menus to customize DVD settings such as brightness, contrast,
audio quality, image aspect, and viewer ratings. To navigate and make selections in
the on-screen menus you can use either the keyboard or the remote control.
While in DVD Mode, press
on the remote control or keyboard to open the
DVD on-screen options menus. The main DVD Setup menu is shown in Figure 18.
While using the on-screen menus keep in mind:
Repeatedly pressing
will toggle
the menu off and on.
A yellow box indicates the active menu
item. To move the selection box press the
up or down buttons.
To adjust a setting higher, press the right
button. To adjust a setting lower, press the
left button.
to cancel your changes and
return to the previous menu.
to save your changes and
return to the main menu.
When the desired menu item is highlighted, press
to make your selection.
Table 3. DVD Mode Keyboard Functions
Key letter Function Description
A Audio Press to toggle between audio tracks on a DVD. Some
DVDs contain language options or director’s
commentary. (These functions are not available on all
C 3D audio An optional audio mode that may enhance the listening
quality of some DVD/CDs. Toggle on and off to enable/
disable this mode.
D Display Press to toggle between information displays such as
time elapsed and time remaining. Press DISPLAY
repeatedly to cycle through all display functions and clear
from the screen.
Q Repeat Press to toggle between different repeat modes such as
track or disc. Selections may vary depending on the type
of disc being played.
S Subtitle Press to display subtitles. (Not available on all DVDs.)
Press again to remove subtitles.
W Random Press to have tracks play in random order. Press again to
cancel random play.
X Angle Press to view scenes from different camera angles (not
available on all DVDs). Press again to cancel.
Z Zoom Press repeatedly to toggle through three zoom settings
and return to normal viewing.