iCEBOX pmn TV DVD Combo User Manual

TV Mode
Countertop - iCEBOX™ Owner’s Manual
TV Setup Menu
Use the TV Setup on-screen menu to customize TV settings such as brightness,
contrast, audio quality, and for channel list editing. To navigate and make
selections in the on-screen menus you can use either the keyboard or the remote
While in TV Mode, press
OPTIONS on the remote control or keyboard to open the
TV setup menu (Figure 14, below). While using the on-screen menus keep in mind:
Repeatedly pressing
OPTIONS will toggle the menu off and on.
A yellow box indicates the active menu
To move the selection box press the up or
down buttons.
To adjust a setting higher, press the right
button. To adjust a setting lower, press the
left button.
CANCEL to cancel your changes and
return to the previous menu.
DONE to save your changes and
return to the main menu.
When the desired menu item is highlighted, press
GO to make your selection.
Figure 14. TV Setup Menu
TV Channel Setup
You may set up your TV for either cable or antenna reception and edit the list of
channels available for viewing by using on-screen menus. From the
menu (shown above, in Figure 14), select
. The TV channel setup
submenu will appear.
The TV channel setup submenu selections and functions are explained in Table 1
on page 14. See Table 2 on page 15 for an explanation of all the TV setup menus.
tv setup
TV channel setup