iCEBOX pmn TV DVD Combo User Manual

©iCEBOX, LLC, September 2001
Setting Up Your iCEBOX
Turning on the
iCEBOX for the
First Time
The first time the iCEBOX is plugged in and anytime it has been unplugged and
plugged back in, the unit will spend a few seconds initializing. During this period,
the buttons on the front panel, remote control and keyboard will not function.
When initialization is concluded, the unit can be turned on and all buttons will
function normally.
Autoprogramming TV Channels
You may set up your TV for either cable or antenna reception and edit the list of
channels available for viewing by using on-screen menus. By selecting
from the TV On-screen Menu the iCEBOX will locate and tune all
available TV channels. More information about autoprogramming TV channels can
be found in “TV Setup Menu” beginning on page 13.
Viewing the
Welcome CD
The Welcome Video CD is an informative and entertaining guide on how to set up
and use your iCEBOX. To view the Video CD:
1. Turn the iCEBOX on. Press
EJECT (on the front of the unit) to open the tray.
Insert the Welcome CD with the label facing up.
2. Press
PLAY on the monitor, or press DVD on the remote control or the
The Welcome CD will begin to play automatically. If you wish, you may press
to skip the introductory material and go directly to the main menu.
3. At the main menu, press the numbered key on the remote control or keyboard
that corresponds to the menu number of the program you want to watch.
While viewing a disc, you may switch to any other mode by pressing the
appropriate button (
TV, NET, MON) on the remote control or keyboard. The disc will
pause in place until you return to DVD Mode.
Tips on Inserting and
Handling DVD/CDs
When inserting a disc in the tray, make sure that the disc is positioned in the
center of the tray with the printed side facing up.
If the disc is positioned correctly when the tray closes, the screen will indicate
which type of disc has been inserted.
Make sure the disc is kept clean and free of oils, dirt and moisture. If necessary,
wash the disc with a mild solution of soap and warm water and dry thoroughly
with a lint free cloth. Do not apply solvents such as benzene or paint thinner. Do
not use anti-static agents. Do not scrub the disc with any abrasive material.
Keep DVD/CDs away from heat and direct sunlight.
Store DVD/CDs properly when not in use.
Storage of DVD/CDs
After play, remove the disc from the tray.
To prevent damage, be sure to store discs in their case.
Do not store discs in areas of direct sunlight, high heat or humidity, near
heating vents, or dusty areas.