iCEBOX pmn TV DVD Combo User Manual

Countertop - iCEBOX™ Owner’s Manual
1. Privacy Policy
iCEBOX, LLC is committed to protecting the privacy and security of iCEBOX users.
This privacy policy will advise you about how we protect your personal information
and address your potential concerns over the use of this information. We may need
to change this policy from time to time in order to address new issues and changes
in our product. If you have any questions or concerns about your privacy, please
contact us through e-mail at
iCEBOX, LLC will never intentionally disclose any personal identification
information about you as an individual user, such as your address, name, or
telephone number. We may request personal identification information for the use
of our services. We have two exceptions to this policy:
1. We will release specific information about your account to comply with any
valid legal process, such as a search warrant, subpoena, statute, or court order.
2. We will release specific information in special cases, such as when there is a
physical threat to you or others.
Privacy of
We urge all parents to participate in their children’s Internet and online experience.
Please teach children about protecting their personal information while online.
Other Web sites
If you should give out personal information online, through bulletin boards or
other web sites, that information can be used by third parties. You disclose
information in these areas at your own risk. We encourage you to investigate and
ask questions before disclosing information to third parties.
Protecting your privacy and information is a priority of iCEBOX, LLC. We have taken
careful measures to secure both our information and our physical premises. We
exercise great care in providing secure transmissions of your personal information
from your unit to our servers. Our server software encrypts information, which is
intended to ensure all iCEBOX, LLC transactions remain private (unless sent by an
unsecured means such as e-mail). We also make use of firewalls and Secure Socket
Layers where appropriate.
Please contact your own Internet Service Provider for information on their privacy
policies. iCEBOX, LLC is not responsible for the policies of private Internet Service
Notwithstanding our use of technology to provide appropriate security, in this
time of rapidly changing technology, any responsible Internet related business
must recognize and acknowledge that there are individuals and even businesses