RCA 15L500TD TV DVD Combo User Manual

Chapter 1: Connections & Setup
12 Chapter 1
Put Batteries in the Remote
1. Remove the battery compartment cover on the remote.
2. Insert two new AAA batteries. Match the polarities (+ and -) on the batteries with the diagram on the
3. Put the battery compartment cover back on the remote.
Important Battery Information
•If you’re not going to use the remote for a month or more, be sure to remove the batteries because they can
leak and cause damage.
•Dispose of batteries in the proper manner, according to federal, state, and local regulations.
Any battery may leak electrolyte if mixed with a different battery type, if inserted incorrectly, if all batteries
are not replaced at the same time, if disposed of in fire, or if an attempt is made to charge a battery not
intended to be recharged.
•Discard leaky batteries immediately. Leaking batteries can cause skin burns or other personal injury.
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