RCA 15L500TD TV DVD Combo User Manual

Chapter 5: Other Information
44 Chapter 5
Problems with V-Chip/Parental Controls
The rating limits don’t work
•You must activate the settings. Press the TV button to make sure the remote is in TV mode. Then press MENU, select PARENTAL CONTROL,
enter your password, and highlight and turn on V CHIP.
I don’t remember my password and I want to unlock the TV
•If you forget your password you can reset it. Press the MENU and SOURCE button on the top of the TV/DVD for several seconds (the
password resets). Enter 3308 as the password and then change it to a new one.
•To reset your DVD parental control password, see page 32.
DVD Problems
Disc won’t play
•Insert a disc with the label side facing you.
Check the type of disc you put into disc slot. The TV/DVD only plays digital video discs, audio CDs and mp3s.
Both the unit and the disc are coded by region. If the regional codes don’t match, the disc can’t be played. This unit is Region No. 1.
•Press the SOURCE button to make sure you are in DVD mode.
Play starts, but then stops immediately
The disc is dirty. Clean it.
Condensation may have formed. Allow player to remain at room temperature for 30-60 minutes to reduce the condensation.
•Disc is scratched or defective.
No sound or distorted sound
•Make sure your TV/DVD is connected properly. Make sure all cables are securely inserted into the appropriate jacks.
•If you connected an audio or audio/video component, make sure you chose the correct input setting on the receiver and unit (see your owner’s
manual for the component for more information).
Can’t advance through a movie
•You can’t advance through the opening credits and warning information that appear at the beginning of movies because the disc is programmed
to prohibit that action.
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