RCA 15L500TD TV DVD Combo User Manual

Chapter 2: Playing Discs
Chapter 2 27
Skipping Songs
Use the Next ( ) button on the remote to move to the next song. Use the Previous ( ) button to move to
the beginning of the currently playing song. Press the button again to move to the previous song.
Changing the Play Mode
You can choose what order the songs will play on a disc temporarily. The FOLDER play mode is the default. To
access the play mode options, highlight PLAY MODE (at the bottom of the screen). Use the up or down arrow
to choose an option. The play mode options are:
SINGLE: plays the song you have chosen and stops disc play when the song is over.
SHUFFLE: plays the songs in random order (from within the selected folder).
REPEAT ONE: repeats the song you have chosen.
REPEAT FOLDER: repeats the folder that is playing.
FOLDER: plays the folder in the order the songs were recorded.
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