RCA 15L500TD TV DVD Combo User Manual

Chapter 3: DVD Menus
Chapter 3 31
Explanation of Rating Limits
The DVD Rating Limits feature lets you determine what types of discs can be played in the player, and what types of discs will require
a password to override the rating limit that you’ve set. In the U.S., the ratings feature is based on the ratings set up by the MPAA
(Motion Pictures Association of America) such as R, PG, G, etc.
The system ranks the ratings from 1 to 8 in order to accommodate ratings systems used in other countries (1 is considered material that
is least offensive and 8 is considered the most offensive).
Notes: In order for the Ratings to be enforced, the DVD player must be locked and the disc you’re playing must contain a movie
(or a title) that is rated.
This setting only applies to the DVD player part of the unit. You’ll also need to set the TV parental controls in the TV Main Menu
for TV programming (see page 36).
To Set Ratings for Rated Titles:
The PARENTAL menu enables you to block discs that contain movies with a rating
assigned to them (R, PG-13, PG, G, etc.) from being played unless you enter a password.
1. Make sure the remote is in DVD mode by pressing the DVD button.
2. Press INPUT/SETUP (the DVD player’s SETUP MENU appears).
3. Highlight PARENTAL and press the right arrow button to move to the ratings.
4. Use the up and down arrow buttons to move the bar to the rating level you find
acceptable, then press ENTER.
5. In order to change the rating, you need to enter a password. Enter the four-digit
number that you want to use as your password, then press ENTER (the SETUP
MENU appears with the desired rating level).
Notes: Ratings that don’t require a password (free access) appear above the bar.
Ratings that require a password appear below the bar.
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