RCA 15L500TD TV DVD Combo User Manual

Chapter 2: Playing Discs
Chapter 2 19
Loading and Playing Discs
Before you load a disc, make sure that it is compatible with the player. Note that the following discs CANNOT
be used with this player:
CD-G discs play audio only, not graphics
To Load and Play a Disc
1. Press ON-OFF on the remote or POWER on the top of the TV/DVD. Then make sure the unit is in
DVD mode [press the DVD button.
2. Insert the disc into the disc slot on the top of the unit. Make sure the disc’s label is facing you (double-sided
discs have content on both sides, so you can place either side toward you).
The player reads the disc’s table of contents, and then one of following happens depending on how the disc was
•No disc menu appears, a screen saver is displayed.
The disc menu appears.
The disc menu appears on the screen when you press PLAY.
The disc starts playing automatically.
If no picture or screen saver is displayed, press the INPUT/SETUP (SOURCE) button to put the player in
DVD mode.
To Eject a Disc
Press the EJECT button to eject a disc. If you want to return to normal TV viewing, press INPUT/SETUP
(SOURCE) to change to TV mode.
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