RCA 15L500TD TV DVD Combo User Manual

Chapter 1: Connections & Setup
Chapter 1 13
How to Use the Remote Control to Complete the
Initial Setup
The technical term is “Navigation”– how you move through the on-screen menus. The method is the same
throughout the menu screens: highlight your choice and select it.
To highlight a menu item, press the arrow buttons on the remote to highlight one of the menus on the screen.
Use the up and down arrow buttons to move up or down. Use the right and left arrow buttons to move right
or left.
To change the item that you’ve highlighted, press the ENTER button.
Note: Highlighted means that the menu item stands out from other menu items on the list (appears
darker, brighter, or a different color).
Tu rn on the TV/DVD
Press ON-OFF on the remote or POWER on the top of the TV/DVD.
Using the Menus
You might want to make yourself familiar with the menu system. Because this is a combination unit (TV and
DVD), there is a DVD menu and a TV menu. Each operate a little differently, but the basic operation is the
Press the MENU button to bring up a menu, and use the arrow buttons until the item you want is highlighted.
To select it, press ENTER. To return to normal TV viewing and remove on-screen displays, repeatedly press
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