RCA 15L500TD TV DVD Combo User Manual

Chapter 2: Playing Discs
24 Chapter 2
Using the Repeat Feature
The default mode for the Repeat feature is OFF. Pressing the REPEAT button on the remote repeatedly changes
the repeat options:
As you access the repeat options, the repeat option changes at that time. For example, if you access
CHAPTER, the chapter will start playing again from the beginning when you get to the end of the chapter.
The selected repeat option loops repeatedly until you turn it off.
Using the A-B Repeat Feature
A-B Repeat lets you define a specific segment on the disc that you want to repeat. The A-B Repeat feature works
the same for all discs. For example, you might like watching the dogfight in the movie Top Gun. To watch this
scene over and over:
1. Find the spot on the disc that is a few seconds before the beginning of the scene you want to repeat.
2. Press the A-B button on the remote. This sets the A point ( A appears).
3. When you get to the part of the disc that you want to be the end of the repeated segment (the B point),
press the A-B button again. This sets the end point ( AB appears). The segment repeats until you turn
REPEAT OFF by pressing the A-B button again (A TO B OFF appears).
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