RCA 15L500TD TV DVD Combo User Manual

Chapter 1: Connections & Setup
Chapter 1 17
EJECT Ejects a disc.
ENTER When a menu is on the screen, selects the item that is highlighted.
ERASE /ADD Erases or adds the current channel to the channel list.
GO BACK In DVD mode returns you to the previous screen. In TV model returns to the previous channel.
INFO In DVD mode, displays current disc information while the disc is playing. In TV mode, displays the
Input information.
INPUT/SETUP In TV mode, toggles through the TV, VID1, VID2, and DVD signals. In DVD mode,
displays the DVD’s setup menu.
MENU In DVD mode, displays the disc menu. The content of the menu varies from disc to disc. In TV
mode, displays the TV Main Menu.
MUTE Reduces sound to an inaudible level.
ON-OFF Turns the TV/DVD on and off.
PAUSE ( ) Pauses disc playback.
PIC/SEL (Picture Select) Toggles through the picture settings. The level is adjusted by using the left and right
arrow buttons.
PLAY Plays a disc.
REPEAT Toggles the REPEAT modes. The options vary depending on the type of disc you are playing.
STOP ( ) Stops playback.
TV Turns on the TV/DVD in TV mode. Puts the remote in TV mode.
VOL + /– (Volume) buttons Increases or decreases the volume.
ZOOM Zooms in or out on the picture when playing a DVD disc.
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