RCA 15L500TD TV DVD Combo User Manual

Chapter 2: Playing Discs
22 Chapter 2
Using the INFO Banner
While a disc is playing, press the INFO button on the player or the remote to bring up the Information Banner.
The Information Banner shows the status of DVD features and allows you to change them while the disc is
playing. If nothing is selected after a few seconds, the banner disappears. The options below show you what
happens when you press the INFO button.
Press INFO 1 time Brings up the Info Banner and shows the current title, chapter,
and time.
Press INFO 2 times Shows the current subtitle information.
Press INFO 3 times Shows the current audio language and audio format.
Press INFO 4 times Shows the current angle setting.
Press INFO 5 times Shows the current A-B repeat setting.
Press INFO 6 times Shows the current repeat setting.
Press INFO 7 times Turns off the Information Banner.
TITLE 01/12 CHAPTER 20 /25
Selecting a Chapter
Because DVD discs use digital technology, a title can be divided into individual chapters
(similar to tracks on a CD). You can skip to a specific chapter by using the Chapter (CH)
feature in the Info Banner.
1. While a disc is playing, press INFO (the INFO Banner appears).
2. Use the number buttons to enter the chapter number (02, for example).
Note: The Chapter feature only works on discs formatted with separate chapters.
The Information Banner
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