Philips 252/0OH Universal Remote User Manual

2 Press the RU 252’s TV key to select
3 Check whether all the keys are
working. For an overview of the
keys and their functions see ‘3. Keys
and functions’.
If the TV responds as it should to all of the key commands the
RU 252 is ready for use.
If the device does not respond at all or not to all of the
key commands, follow the instructions under ‘Setting
the remote control’.
Setting the remote control
This is only necessary if your appliance does not respond to the
RU 252.
If that is the case, the RU 252 does not recognize the brand and/or
model of your appliance and you need to program the remote
control to do so.
The example below (TV) instructs you how to do this. You can
repeat the same steps for other appliances (VCR/DVD
players/recorders) which you want to operate using the RU 252.
Example of TV:
1 Turn on the TV manually or use the original remote control.
Tune in to channel 1.
2 Look up the brand of your TV in the code list at the back of
this manual. One or more four-figure codes are shown for
each brand.
Note the first code.
Be careful! There are separate tables for TV, VCR and DVD.
Make sure you use the codes from the correct table.
3 Keep the TV Key pressed for 3
seconds until the green indicator
light remains lit.
4 Then enter the code noted in step
2 using the digital keys.
The green indicator light will now
flash twice.
If the light flashes once for an
extended period, the code has not
been entered properly or the wrong code has been entered.
Start again from step 2.
5 Point the RU 252 at the TV and check that it responds as it
If the TV responds to all of the key commands, the RU 252 is
ready for use. Do not forget to note your code.
3 sec.
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