Philips 252/0OH Universal Remote User Manual

If the device does not respond at all, or not to all of the
key commands, start again from step 2 and try the next
code from the list.
Automatically setting the remote control
If you cannot find the right code for your brand device, the remote
control can automatically search for the right code.
Example of TV:
1 Make sure the TV is switched on and select a channel using
the original remote control or the keys on the TV (for
example channel 1).
The RU 252 emits the ‘switch off TV’ signal for all models of
TV that are stored in the memory.
If the device is a DVD-player or video recorder,
insert a disk or tape and start playback.
2 Then keep the TV Key pressed for
3 seconds until the green indicator
light remains lit.
3 Press the Standby key and keep it
The RU 252 now starts emitting all known ‘TV off’ signals, one
by one. Each time a code is sent, the
green indicator light flashes.
4 When your TV switches off
(stand-by mode), immediately release
the Standby key of the RU 252.
The RU 252 has now found a code
that works on your TV.
5 Check if you can operate all functions
on your TV with the RU 252.
If this is not the case, you can redo the automatic
setting. The RU 252 will then search for a code that
perhaps works better.
After the RU 252 has run through all the known codes, the
search will stop automatically and the green light will stop
Automatic programming of a TV takes a maximum of 5
minutes. For VCR/DVD this time is 6 minutes.
3 sec.
Installing the remote control
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